Categories for the Race

Yachts may be entered for as many categories in which they are eligible from the following list.

Offshore Fleet

•    IRC monohulls
•   ORCi monohulls
•   AMS monohulls
•   OMR multihulls
•    Performance Handicap Rating Formula (PHRF) Boats – monohull & multihull
•    Shorthanded PHRF monohulls
•    Vintage PHRF monohull

Inshore Fleet

•    SMS monohulls
•    Performance Handicap Rating Formula (PHRF) Boats – monohull & multihull
•    OMR multihulls

One design Skippers of any class e.g. RL24, Blazer can apply for a special category to be included in the Race. Skippers should ensure there will be at least five boats within the category prior to application to the Organising Authority.Except where specified, all categories are subject to a minimum of five entrants.

The Organising Authority’s determination as to whether an additional handicap category or division will be accepted is final and binding.