Competitors Briefing

A Race briefing (including a Weather Briefing) will be held at Southport Yacht Club at 2030 on Friday, January 31, 2020. The Skipper and members of the crew intending to compete in the Race shall attend the whole of the race briefing. It is recommended that the skipper and the navigator attend.

There is only one option for attending the compulsory Briefing

Make sure you have submitted all documentation for your race entry by the due date and not at the briefing.

Attend the briefing in person.

There will be a skippers pack to collect with all the necessary documentation.

The skipper and one other member of the crew shall physically attend the briefing.

There will be a complementary Facebook live streaming for the benefit of the crew who could not attend. We at QCYC would appreciate those crew who watch the live stream to like it to give feed back.