Race Documents and Entry – 2021 Documents coming soon

Guide to entering


Please read the notice of race prior to entry some conditions have changed particularly the Friday Briefing

The 2021 event is being conducted by the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club in accordance with its Covid-19 Safety Plan. The Statement of Compliance is available at the link.

The first step is to enter the boat into the Race. Do this via the below link.

If you start but do not finish your entry, your work will be saved for one week in order that you can return at a later date and complete your entry. However, this facility may be over-ridden by your browser’s settings and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The information you are going to need includes the following:

Yacht Details
We are updating our records please supply all information required for your yacht as per the online entry form. Including, Class design, Sail Numbers, Sail and Hull plan dimensions and Build dates.

Have your audit completed and submitted as early as possible Harley Cowlishaw can help you with this.

Onshore Yacht Contact
An Onshore Yacht Contact shall be nominated at the time of entry. It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that they are provided with a complete list of crew and their next of kin details.

You will be required to upload your yacht insurance certificate. This is not required if your yacht is stored in the QCYC Marina or Handstand provided you have already submitted your current insurance certificate.

Australian Sailing Special Regulations Equipment Audit Form
A boat is required to have an Australian Sailing Special Regulations Equipment Audit Form:
(a) for the Inshore Course:
a Category 5N (or higher) audit completed after the 1st July 2019 is required. A self-audit is acceptable but must include all expiry dates at the bottom of page one to be valid (the audit does not need to be completed by an approved national auditor).

(b) for the Offshore Course:
a Category 3 (or higher) audit completed in the last twelve months is required. The audit must be completed by an approved national auditor; self-assessment is not permissible.

Boats intending to enter the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race are encouraged to submit the “B2G Category 3 uprated” audit form to avoid the need for duplication at Easter.
If you are submitting a Category 3 uprated or higher audit you must specify if you will be carrying the life raft and PLB’s listed on that audit

IRC, ORCi and SMS Rating Certificates
If you are entering IRC, ORCi or SMS divisions you will need to provide your rating and upload your rating certificate.

406Mhz EPIRB
If you are entering the Offshore Fleet you will need to provide your EPIRB HEX number. Note: PLBs are not a requirement for this race.

Crew number
You will need to state the number of crew including the skipper. You will not need to provide their details at this stage.

Image of the boat
You may be requested to upload an image of your yacht if you have not entered a QCYC race in the last four years.

If you are unable to provide any of the documents at the time of entry, they may be emailed or faxed at a later date.


Race fees can be paid either by Credit Card or Direct Debit. This page lists the details you need.

The last step is to provide your crew details. You can do this in one of two ways.

The first way is via the online form. This form requires you to enter the name, phone number and email address of each crew member one at a time (or simply ask you crew to fill in the form themselves, they don’t all need to be done at the same time). This is the best option if you are working on a mobile device or have a small number of crew.
The second way is to send us a completed copy of the Excel spreadsheet available for crew entry.This is an Excel spreadsheet which you can just copy and paste your crew details into. This is the best option is you are working on a computer or have a large number of crew. If does require more information than the online option but this is the information you should be providing to your Onshore Yacht Contact so once the form is complete, you can email it not only to us but also your Onshore Yacht Contact.

All crew under the age of 18 will also need a completed consent form.